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Our firm has been active on the market for over a decade. During this time, we have transformed our one-person practice into a law firm with an outstanding reputation and extensive experience. This success is a result of the high demand for our services and the satisfaction of our clients. Our work is all about people, which is why we rely on specialists.
We employ people with deep legal knowledge, extensive experience, a professional attitude, an understanding of business, and empathy. These qualities are crucial in our primary field of work, which is insolvency and restructuring law. Today, we proudly advise recognised, large capital groups, respected entrepreneurs, supervisors, administrators, receivers, and consumers.
Our primary functions are: assisting both debtors and creditors, acting as legal and business advisors, and working as receivers and administrators on behalf of the court. We have served in every conceivable capacity in court proceedings, a mark of distinction for us. In the ranking of the most frequently selected receivers in consumer insolvencies for 2020, we were proudly rated third among all receivers in Poland. Our track record includes managing one of the largest shopping centers in the Mazovia region, the leading Polish automotive manufacturer operating since 1946, and a 600 ha farm. We have worked as administrators and receivers in numerous companies across a range of industries. As attorneys, we advise and represent some of the most prominent cases in Poland, in which the value of liabilities exceeds 125 million EUR.
In addition to insolvency and restructuring, we are primarily involved in litigation. We advise entrepreneurs in cases against their counterparties and insurers and represent individual clients in compensation, personal injury, and other civil lawsuits.
We have appeared in newsworthy cases involving well-known entities and individuals, and the decisions we have provided to these high profile individuals have been widely commented on. We are no strangers to the mysteries of litigation, which is why we are capable of pursuing any case entrusted to us. As lawyers, we are doubtlessly familiar with the courtroom.
We enjoy engaging and challenging cases and encourage you to read more about our capabilities in the section of our website titled " Attorneys at law - specialisations" and "Insolvency and restructuring advisors - specialisations." We invite you to reach out and to see how we can help you.
We take an individual approach to every case, seeking the best possible solutions for our clients.


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