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Consumer insolvency is a chance for the consumer, and often an entrepreneur, to get rid of their debts. The initiation and successful conduct of these proceedings are often referred to as a "second chance in life," and in our experience, this is absolutely true. Professional legal assistance in such an important matter is essential. Fast and effective execution of the procedure guarantees debt relief. Our law firm has been providing consumer insolvency assistance for many years. We offer vast experience and knowledge of the insolvency process from A to Z.

Our legal assistance for you includes:
- Indicating whether consumer insolvency is the right solution
- Explaining the consequences of declaring consumer insolvency
- Defending you against enforcement proceedings
- Drafting the petition for consumer insolvency
- Representing you before the bankruptcy court
- Drafting and submitting all pleadings in the course of proceedings
- Supporting in contacts with the administrator
- Overseeing the proper conduct of proceedings
-Helping you choose the most beneficial mode of ending the proceedings.
We take an individual approach to every case, seeking the best possible solutions for our clients.


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