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With vast experience in restructuring and insolvency proceedings as supervisors, administrators, and receivers, we can boast concrete successes resulting from our legal involvement. For example, we have collected debts, demonstrated the ineffectiveness of mortgage liens, recovered for bankruptcy estates losses wrongly incurred due to ineffective actions, obtained an annulment of seizures in sanitation proceedings, and sold real estate in accelerated arrangement proceedings.

We use our experience in insolvency proceedings providing legal services to supervisors, administrators, and receivers. We offer substantive support to supervisors, administrators, and receivers at every stage of proceedings - we prepare legal opinions and represent them in court proceedings conducted by receivers and in restructuring and insolvency proceedings.

We offer supervisors, administrators, and receivers:
- Ongoing legal services and advice at every stage of proceedings
- Participation and assistance in actions taken
- Preparation of a liquidation plan
- Preparation of lists of claims and handling of objection proceedings
- Preparation of reports on receivership activities
- Legal service of the recovery of liabilities of the bankruptcy estate
- Representing the receiver in court and enforcement proceedings related to the insolvency proceedings underway
- Preparation and conducting of meetings of the creditors' council
Our offer also includes:
- Accounting and bookkeeping
- Full HR services
- Payroll service
- Preparation of financial statements
- Tax consulting.
We take an individual approach to every case, seeking the best possible solutions for our clients.


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