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Unfortunately, accidents, mishaps, and breaches of contractual provisions causing damage are everyday occurrences. In one moment, a client can lose their loved ones, health, home, or business. In such a situation, the only chance to overcome these problems may be to take legal action against damages caused due to property loss or compensation for the harm suffered.

Every lawyer should be dedicated to helping clients going through the most challenging times of their lives. That is why we make every effort to win adequate compensation for our principals. We provide representation both in discussions with insurers and in litigation. We know that it is crucial to establish the facts through evidence in compensation cases, which is why we attach great importance to the meticulous collection, preservation, description, and presentation of evidence to the other parties and the court.

Compensation cases are handled by a team of three attorneys, four assistants, and several interns. Qualified lawyers present evidence and legal arguments, negotiate compensation and fight in court. while the rest of the team assists in fact-finding and analysing the collected materials.

To date, we have assisted clients in obtaining compensation and damages in cases involving:

- Road accidents resulting in death or serious injury (we have succeeded in winning for our clients amounts in the range of 200,000 EUR),
- Medical malpractice
- Tripping, falling, and slipping on poorly maintained public roads
- Theft of motor vehicles,
- Damage caused by legal malpractice
- Improper performance of a contract for work or construction work
- Protection of personal rights
- Workplace accidents
- Sexual Assault
- Improper maintenance of buildings.
We take an individual approach to every case, seeking the best possible solutions for our clients.


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