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One of the leading principles of civil law is the duty to perform contracts. Unfortunately, not everyone always does what they promise to do. Problems usually concern non-payment for services or goods sold, which may lead to the loss of liquidity for an enterprise. Therefore, effective debt collection may be the only chance for a client to survive.

We understand all of this, which is why we help our clients collect receivables due to unreliable counterparties. We represent enterprises and private persons at all stages of debt collection. First, we always try to resolve the situation amicably, informing the client and the other party of the financial consequences of the dispute. If this fails to help, we take the matter to court and - ultimately - to the bailiff.

We also know from experience that debtors often hide their assets; this is why we act with haste. If necessary, we attempt to recover the debtor's property by applying provisions on the ineffectiveness of legal actions (fraudulent conveyance). We have succeeded in these cases not only before ordinary courts but also before the Supreme Court. In one bankruptcy case, we prevented the concealment of assets worth almost 25,000,000 EUR.

Clients needing this kind of assistance can come to us for:

- Drafting a preliminary letter inviting the counterparty to settlement talks and conducting negotiations
- Drafting of a pre-trial demand for payment
- Applying for mediation or conciliation
- Taking the case to court and representation in court
- Support during enforcement proceedings
- Preparation of an application for declaring a debtor insolvent and representation of the creditor during insolvency proceedings.
We take an individual approach to every case, seeking the best possible solutions for our clients.


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