Specjalizacje Kancelarii Piotrowski


We are specialists in restructuring and insolvency and provide legal assistance at all stages of all proceedings. We help to defend against insolvency, but we also support the process of declaring insolvency when such a decision is made. We assist in claiming receivables in restructuring and insolvency proceedings and provide legal assistance to court supervisors, administrators, and receivers.

Our extensive knowledge and practical experience come from our work as attorneys for litigants and the fact that we have acted as supervisors, administrators, and receivers. In 2020 we were ranked third among receivers assigned the largest number of consumer bankruptcies by the courts, proving the courts' trust and positive opinion of our capabilities.

When providing legal assistance, we:

- Prepare applications for consumer insolvency
- Assist in choosing the appropriate type of restructuring proceedings and prepare the application to initiate it, as well as develop a strategy
- Draft insolvency petitions for entrepreneurs
- Prepare restructuring plans, arrangement proposals, and all other documents in the course of the proceedings
- Represent in court in restructuring and insolvency proceedings
- Represent debtors and creditors in relations and negotiations with supervisors, administrators, and receivers
- Support partners, members of management boards, and supervisory boards concerning their liability and defend them in court
- Draft legal opinions on restructuring and insolvency law.
We take an individual approach to every case, seeking the best possible solutions for our clients.


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