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Constitutions around the world declare that the dignity of every person is inalienable. It is the source of all other civil rights and liberties. As lawyers, we are obligated to defend these values, which we proudly do. We act in this regard by pursuing claims for the violation of personal rights for individuals, businesses, and collective entities.

We represent clients who have been exposed to loss of reputation stemming from unlawful actions and strive to prevent irreparable damage to their image. With the client's consent, we prefer to pursue claims to donate an appropriate sum to charitable causes. We also successfully demand the cessation of any violation, the publication of an apology, and the payment of financial compensation.

Our track record includes assisting public figures and enterprises. Our lawyers have also won a dispute involving one of Poland's leading political parties. We also help those forced to defend themselves against unjustified claims of third parties, and we have experience in criminal cases involving defamation and slander. Our firm has three attorneys and their assistants working on the protection of personal rights.

Our clients can entrust us with:

- Drafting a cease-and-desist letter regarding the infringement of personal rights and remedying the consequences of the violation
- Petitioning the court for protection by withholding the publication of materials infringing individual rights
- Filing a claim for the protection of personal rights and representation before the court
- Providing support in the process of enforcing judgments obliging the other party to remedy the consequences of the violation, which first and foremost involves publishing an apology
- Defence in suits for the violation of individual rights
- Preparation of a private indictment or defence in criminal cases for defamation, slander, or stalking,
We take an individual approach to every case, seeking the best possible solutions for our clients.


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