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Real estate
Whatever is related to buildings and land, whether buying, selling, inheriting, subdividing, leasing, renting, repossessing, ownership disputes, and boundary conflicts, concerns everyone. Real estate matters are often high-value conflicts. Our services in real estate law include legal advice, contract drafting, participation in contract negotiations, representation in civil proceedings before ordinary courts, and administrative proceedings, both before state and local government administrative bodies and administrative courts.

We provide high-quality, comprehensive legal services for transactions (including acquisitions, sales, leases) in all real estate market sectors, including office, retail, hotel, industrial, logistics and warehouse, residential, and agricultural real estate.

In particular, real estate market participants can come to us for:

- Legal services for real estate purchase and sale transactions
- Examination of the legal status of real estate and special purpose vehicles
- Planning legal structures of transactions and investments, including financing
- Legal assistance in lease transactions of office, retail, industrial, hotel, and entertainment properties
- Legal assistance in matters related to the dissolution of co-ownership, assignment by way of security, division of property or inheritance, easements, mortgages, land and mortgage registers, acquisitive prescription, dissolution of co-ownership, demarcation, settlement of outlays, remuneration for non-contractual use of real property
- Legal services in all areas of real estate management,
- Representation in litigation concerning real estate.

The construction process begins with acquiring documentation and concluding numerous contracts whose content impacts the course and settlement of construction works. At the stage of executing the investment, each party involved in the construction process must perform contractual and statutory obligations. Completing the investment is associated with acceptance, further documentation, settlement of contracts, and - unfortunately - frequent claims.

We are well acquainted with the ins and outs of the industry and have experience in providing comprehensive legal services for all types of investments, including based on public procurement law and FIDIC Conditions of Contract. For several years we serviced the largest investments carried out by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways on behalf of the investor. We currently provide legal assistance to investors, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, concerning investments by private individuals and commercial enterprises from the construction sector. We build a secure foundation for the investment process.
Clients involved in the investment process entrust us with:
- Drafting contracts for construction works, general contracting, and subcontracting
- Drafting and providing opinions on developer contracts
- Issuing opinions. Particularly on disputes that have arisen out of the performance of construction investments
- Ongoing support for investments, including participation in construction councils
- Conducting court proceedings between investment participants
- Obtaining the necessary permits, approvals, agreements, opinions, and decisions and conducting administrative proceedings related to their issuance
- Issuing opinions and regulating the legal status of real estate
- legal representation in cases concerning compensation for expropriation
We take an individual approach to every case, seeking the best possible solutions for our clients.


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